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Lakemere Publishing equips by providing quality, easy to use products with ongoing instructional support. Lakemere prides itself in fostering a culture that values proven evidence based methodologies in the context of a classical education. Our owner, Sara Furlich, is an educational consultant and certified special education teacher in Texas with over 20 years experience in both public and private sectors.

Lakemere Publishing enriches by offering time tested, classical products that can be used I a variety of settings. Whether used as curriculum supplements, in home support, or as core classes our economical products provide flexible implementation. We offer rich materials that challenge learners to a deep understanding of each content area. We take advantage of a child’s natural curiosity through joyful discovery as they develop into lifelong learners.

Lakemere Publishing inspires teachers and parents by choosing content and materials of beauty with high literacy and cultural value. Content that inspires thinking and gives birth to ideas are hallmarks of Lakemere products. We believe "he who does the thinking, does the learning". We do not "pre-digest" information, but equip students to engage a subject authentically.

Lakemere is in Dallas, TX since 2005.  Please contact us at: info@lakemerepublishing.com www.lakemerepublishing.com


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Enrich Ÿ Equip Ÿ Inspire


Mission Statement

Offering research-based, time tested, thoughtful curriculum choices that equip, enrich and inspire lifelong learners.


Sara Furlich, Owner 

Sara Furlich is an educational consultant and certified special education teacher. She served as a faculty member and Dean of Instruction at West Dallas Community School for eleven years. West Dallas is a College Preparatory Classical Christian School for low-income students. In addition to leading West Dallas as a fledgling school, she has consulted for new schools in Wichita Falls, TX; Atlanta, GA; Tulsa, OK, Wheaton, IL, and served as the first Head of School for the Wilberforce School in Princeton, NJ.

Sara’s knowledge of sound curriculum and pedagogy led to a position with Saxon Publishers in developing a new line of language arts programs. At Saxon, her leadership brought clear educational direction to the curriculum development team. The programs flourished under her leadership as she worked with a network of authors and consultants from across the country.

Sara has a degree from Baylor University in Elementary Education and is certified in both K-8 Instruction and K-12 Special Education. She has her Masters in Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary. Her academic track emphasized systematic and practical theology. She is a member and teacher at Fellowship Bible church, Dallas, TX.

As a special educator, Sara is passionate about advocacy for struggling students and families trying to navigate the vast educational choices in Dallas. Sara is gifted in helping parents sort through the complicated process of diagnosis and developing an intervention team of specialists. Sara is able to help parents better understand the legal requirements of IDEA and 504 and how they impact students. Sara’s experience with thousands of students both as an academic interventionist and in a consultant role includes the following: ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, Reading Disabilities of all kinds, Dyscalculia, Asperger’s, PDD, SLD, conduct disorder, and oppositional defiant disorder.

Sara is passionate about classical education and longs to see this vision for education permeate both private and public education in America. Sara’s educational philosophy can best be described as a Charlotte Mason classical education. Charlotte Mason was an educational reformer in England in the early 20th century. Sara believes the principles of a Charlotte Mason education are best realized in the context of a classical education.